Music School and Recording Studio in Davis, CA


RockBand University (RBU) is the one and only rock school in Davis available for all of your music related needs! RBU is a fully equipped studio for private and band music lessons, live rehearsals, and analog recordings. We welcome musicians of all ages who want to play and strengthen their musical abilities.

See our PROGRAMS page for more information about what we have to offer.

Six weeks of lessons and rehearsals in a band followed by a concert performance (bands are matched together from our pool of enrollees. any instrument. spaces limited. ages 10-18)

September/October Session – Begins  on Sunday, September 20th and runs until the weekend of October 30th (Halloween concert!)! Applications are due by Friday, September 11th.  APPLICATION

November/December Session – Begins  on Sunday, November 8th and runs until the weekend of December 18th! Applications are due by Monday, November 2nd.  APPLICATION



One-on-one, monthly music lessons in guitar, bass, drums, piano, music theory, or songwriting with our instructor: Mike Clements (all ages).
Email us at , or call Mike (530-908-6637)

Bring in your own band for a monthly lesson to tighten your set or prepare for gigs!
Email us at with the subject line “Rock Band Lessons.”


Friday, August 21th at Hallmark Inn UCDavis (110 F St.). Sponsored by Hallmark Inn! 5 p.m. start! Free. All ages.


We are now Analog Studio Equipped! Interested in getting recording done? Contact us and work with our recording engineers, Mike and Fenris! See RECORDING for more information.