RockBand University (RBU) is a Davis-based music school and rehearsal studio available for musicians of all ages who want to play and strengthen their musical abilities. We offer private music lessons, and band programs, where musicians are matched into bands and are taught how to play together (RockBand Sessions offered year-round, and week-long Rock Band Camp offered in the Summer).

RockBand University takes music instruction to the next level.
* learn from passionate instructors who live and breathe music, and care about your musical well-being
* receive personalized lessons to help you create and achieve your musical goals
* get out of your room and into a band – gain access to a community of enthusiastic musicians
* be inspired to practice, improve, and grow as a musician
* let us help you develop your creativity, build your self esteem, and become more confident in your playing, songwriting, improvising, etc. (whatever your goals may be)