To book rehearsals, text Mike at 530-908-6637

RockBand University (RBU) is available for rehearsal space rentals. Rentals are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. We have a stage and open floor space so that you can play as loud as you’d like. Bring your own equipment, or let us know if you would like access to our PA system, amps and heads, or keyboard. Our drumset is available for an additional cost. Rentals are sold in two hour blocks, and can be open ended (depending on what’s available).

Renters are solely allowed to use RBU for rehearals. Renters will not hold and will not permit classes, parties, or events without discussing with RockBand University first. Other charges will apply for such events.


To book an event, email or text Mike at 530-908-6637

RockBand University has been rented for all sorts of events, including: album release parties, karaoke birthdays, rap battles, family jam parties, fundraisers, punk/metal/indie/hardcore/folk/etc. concerts, and more.
Renters can use the RBU facilities for one night to hold an event. Event rentals are for private events. Additional charges may apply based on use of the space and number in attendance.


Renter will assume full responsibility for any damage caused to any of the musical equipment, studio, stage, structure, lights, electrical outlets, etc… Renter agrees to pay in full for repair or replacement of any item or structure damaged by the Renter, collaborators, or guests invited to RBU by the Renter. Full payment for damage shall be made within ONE MONTH of the damage.
Renter assumes liability for injury of any persons they invite to the space.
No smoking is allowed anywhere inside the building. Please smoke in the back patio or parking lot.

Each Renter assumes responsibility for returning the studio to a good state before they leave. The stage and music equipment should be left so that RockBand University can continue teaching youth bands at any time. Please do not leave any signs of cigarette or alcohol use, or anything that can be found inappropriate inside our studios, or in the parking lot.
Large amounts of trash and litter, or food must be thrown in the outside garbage receptacles in the parking lot. Light amounts of trash and litter can be put into the trash cans by the front door. Please sweep, vacuum, wipe up, or clean up if necessary.
For any emergency situations including accidents, health crisis, criminal activities, or fire, call 911. There is no phone available at the studio. It is advised to have a cell phone close at hand. There is a First Aid kit that can be used, located on the front desk.