Meet musicians with similar music taste and get personalized coaching by our music instructors. Our instructors will help you learn how to: play & break down songs, communicate with your bandmates, negotiate solos, and gear up for a live performance. Your band will build custom setlists and play shows at venues around Davis, Woodland, Winters, and Sacramento.

Monthly Rock Band Lessons are 90 minutes long, and are scheduled once a week, with concert performances every other month.

Tuition: $160/month

We accept musicians ages 10 – 18. Spaces are based off of our pool of enrollees. You will be contacted via email when we have a band match for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call/text us at 530-746-1957.

Participants must also sign an Emergency Contact, Code of Conduct and Release of Liability Form on the first day of class.

RockBand University sends communications primarily via email. You are welcome to list multiple email addresses, separate by commas.
For example: amount of time you've been playing, songs you know how to play, lessons that you have taken (amount of time and teacher), school programs that you have participated in, etc.