RockBand Sessions



RBU gets musicians out of their houses and into bands, and provides a space where musicians can: play as loud as they want, showcase their abilities, meet fellow musicians, and have fun. Musicians will strengthen their skills on their instrument, broaden their musical horizons, and improve their timing, techniques, stage presence, and band communication through this program.

How It Works:
Musicians will be matched into bands from the current pool of enrollees, and will be given a scheduled, weekly rehearsal time. The band will receive personalized instruction from our music coaches, and will learn how to play some of their favorite songs together, while gearing up for a live performance at the Session concert showcase.

Skill Level:
Musicians in the program range from Beginner to Advanced players. Beginners must know how to play basic chords or basic beats and have some experience in keeping time. Absolute Beginner Musicians are advised to take Private Music Lessons before enrolling in this program.

Rehearsal Times and Cost:
RockBand Sessions meets for 90 minute rehearsals, once a week for 6 weeks. A concert showcasing all bands will be held on the 7th week.
Tuition: $245 per Session, and $200 for each additional sibling enrolling in the same Session.

Upcoming Sessions:

Jan/Feb Session – Begins on Sunday, January 20th and runs until the concert weekend of March 2nd. Applications are due by Friday, January 11th.

Mar/Apr Session – Begins on Sunday, March 17th and runs until the concert weekend of April 27th. Applications are due by Friday, March 8th.

May/Jun Session – Begins on Sunday, May 12th and runs until the concert weekend of June 22nd. Applications are due by Friday, May 3rd.


Former students and parents have informed us that RBU:
+ improves musicianship (often gets musicians excited about practicing and improving)
+ develops creativity
+ boosts confidence on and off stage
+ teaches band communication and teamwork skills
+ builds self esteem
+ provides a fun, safe, and exciting place for musicians

“My thirteen year old son has participated in many other activities so far in his life, but none has inspired him the way RockBand University has.” – Steven B.

“What a great program! My 13-year-old son absolutely loves Rock Band University and the opportunity to refine his guitar skills with other local musicians in a positive, fun environment. Big thumbs up to the staff for all working so well with these kids … RBU rocks! \m/” – Chris M.

Thanks to Mike and the gang, our kids had the best summer experience. What a dedicated group of music lovers teaching our youth! Davis is lucky!” – Judy C.

“There’s no substitute for the skills and patience that they provide.” – Michael G.

“My son was so shy and timid before and would never speak up. After doing your program for so long, he is no longer afraid and can talk in front of his class. He is so confident now!” – Patty Y.

“My son has taken guitar lessons for a couple of years but it was like pulling hair to get him to practice, until we put him in RBU. My thirteen year old loves RockBand University. He has grown more confident with his skills and stage performance.” – Mary H.

“My 2 teenagers have been attending RBU for the last 3 years and they love it. Mike and Evan are extremely talented teachers and work very well with the kids. RBU certainly made my boys stay motivated to play their guitar!” – Elizabeth L.

“RBU is a great place for young kids to learn how to become future rock stars.” – Anthony O.

“You can shred in your living room all you want, but there’s nothing like getting up on stage and putting on a real show. We have a 6th grader who has done two RBU sessions now, and I can’t say enough good things about it. The teachers are talented and patient—they really have a gift for working with youth, they’re not just rockers who needed a day job. This program teaches kids to play together as a band, not just as a collection of individuals. They have to negotiate what songs they will play and which ones might be out of reach for some of their members, who will solo when, etc, and they have to learn how to improvise to deal with challenges during a performance (such as if your strings break on stage or your vocalist forgets the words). In addition to dramatically improving their musical skills, every session the kids gain more confidence and a greater appreciation for the real discipline it takes to put on a good performance. I highly recommend it.” – Cynthia C.

“This is an awesome opportunity for any kid who wants to live the dream of playing in a rock band! The instructors are extremely talented musicians and oh-so-patient instructors. They are somehow able to take a group of young rocker wannabes (who may not even know each other), and turn them into a real live band that is confident enough to perform. The kids are so proud of the outcome; and it’s super-fun for parents to watch. Highly recommended!!!” – Nancy C.